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For most new traders, the world of Binary Option Trading is a complex existence that they try their best of avoid for as long as possible. What people do not realize is the fact that binary options are much safer than simple stock market investment. They not only boost your income and return from your investment but they also protect you against unforeseen losses by hedging against small market fluctuations. The fix option review was introduced in 2008, which gave all the traders the right to earn a fixed return on their binary options. Therefore, as a new trader, fixoption review on trading can be your chance to understand the market before jumping into it without experience and losing all your investment.

Binary options consist of a call option or a put option. If you believe that the price of a stock (or an asset) will go up during a specific period, you ‘call’ the option and in case your guess is correct, you are able to earn a certain percentage of profit on the option. Similarly, if the price is expected to decline, a put option is exercised which yields a return when the price of the stock or asset falls. In case of a fix option, you can exercise both call and put based on your market analysis and judgment.

A fixed return option at expiry either will have the highest value or will be completely worthless i.e. in case you buy a fix option of $ 100, so at the expiry the option contract will have a total value of $ 100 or zero depending on how accurately you have traded it. There are two basic types of fixed return options, each of them have been explained in detail below;

Finish High Fix Option trading:

These fixed return options work just like a call option and are best to buy when the market is bullish. Your aim as a new trader should be to try to finish in the money when trading initially. For example, if the strike price is $ 75, your fixed return option will said to finish in the money if the price of the stock or asset reaches just about 75.01 dollars. If on the other hand, the final strike price is $ 75, the fix option will end out of money.

Finish Low FixOption:

If you think the market will be showing a bearish trend in the future, you can go for the finish low fixoption, which is almost like the traditional put option. In case of finish low, you will be in the money if the strike price reaches $ 74.99 and any price above this will make you out of money.

fix options review on stocks etc are a good way to earn a steady income. The key is to be well aware of the market conditions and their effect on the stock prices. You will be able to understand the concept in detail once you start investing and trading.

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