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BetonMarkets Trading Platform

BetonMarkets Trading Platform, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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The BetonMarkets trading platform has the distinction of being among the first trading platforms in binary options trading. The most notable quality of this trading platform right from its inception has been its bonuses and promotions. First time traders are given a bonus of up to 25% of the account size.

If you are planning to start binary options trading on BetonMarkets trading platform, you need to deposit an initial deposit of $500. Novice traders can use the demo account of this trading platform. The BetonMarkets trading platform is only among a handful of Binary Option Brokers who provide unlimited usage of their demo accounts.

You are in no hurry to start trading when on BetonMarkets trading platform. You can use the demo account for as long as you want. You may start trading after you feel confident. Using the demo account, you have the facility to practice all types of trading.

BetonMarkets trading platform – highlights

  • The platform is web-based. You can trade from anywhere over an Internet connection. Apart from the wide variety of assets, there are sub-specialties. For instance, the High/Low option has sub-specialties that provide more opportunities to make profits.
  • Placing an order, navigating the system, and understanding the different details associated with a trade is easy. The user interface of the BetonMarkets trading platform is user-friendly, highly navigable and personable.
  • BetonMarkets trading platform offers the highest payouts in the industry. The percentage of payouts range from 70% to 350%. Recent trades are analyzed and their statistics made available for further perusal.
  • Additionally, a free webinar helps you understand basic and advanced binary options trading. This educative webinar is conducted by well-known and experienced binary options online traders.

BetonMarkets trading platform – fundamentals

  • The trading platform envisions being the premier provider of forex market and binary options market trading solutions.
  • Customer service is at an all-time high. Novice and experienced traders are provided the required tools, techniques, and knowledge to succeed in Binary Option Trading.
  • Every trader is treated as a friend, colleague and even a partner. The BetonMarkets trading platform believes that the collective experiences of its customers are a determinant to its success.
  • The BetonMarkets Trading Platform provides the most accurate and up-to-date real-time information. This helps traders make intelligent and well-informed trading decisions. Most traders who trade using this trading platform are not flash-in-the-pan traders. The common sentiment is that both sides – BetonMarkets and its customers have to win to help this enterprise go forward.


The BetonMarkets trading platform provides a range of features. The following are a snapshot of them.

  • Currencies – Supports all major currencies including the US Dollar, Great Britain Pound, and Australian Dollar to name a few.
  • Stocks – You have a chance to trade in top stocks such as Apple, Bank of America, Coca Cola, and Google.
  • Commodities – Gold, silver, corn, and sugar

Indices – Xetra DAX, Nikkei 225 futures