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Leverate Trading Platform

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A leverate trading platform has certain attributes. Apart from being state of the art, there is a distinguishing aspect. It allows institutional clients the ability to provide traders access to global financial markets from anyplace, anytime.

Leverate, the company, is known to create world class trading platforms. The MT4 and Sirix are the main products of this company. Sirix is a popular Leverate trading platform. Used by thousands of traders, Sirix has redefined the paradigms of online trading.

Sirix Leverate trading platform

There are two versions of this – web and mobile. Both these versions of this trading platform enable traders to operate from any part of the world. For institutional clients, such a facility helps garner more clients. It helps expand presence across geographies and open opportunities to international traders.

Sirix modes

Modes help control the look and feel of the Sirix Leverate trading platform. Although there are currently three modes, this number could increase in future. Apart from controlling the look and feel, modes are useful to segregate application functionality based upon users.

There are three Sirix modes. Each mode is purpose-built to suit a need.

  • Simple mode – This mode is suited for novice traders. The user interface navigation and labeling is done keeping this type of users in mind.
  • Classic mode – This mode is suited for experienced traders.
  • Guest mode – it is purpose-built to assist in promotional/marketing campaigns.

Sirix web Leverate trading platform features

Sirix web Leverate Binary Option Trading platform is 100% browser based. It requires no local installation of client software. You can use Sirix Leverate trading platform on all types of browsers. This cross-browser compatibility helps attract traders who may be comfortable using different browsers. The following are a limited list of the plenitude of features available in the Sirix web-based trading platform.

  • Direct deposit – you can start trading not within a matter of clicks, but with just one click.
  • Advanced charting – As an institutional client, you can provide a variety of charts to your traders. This includes tick-by-tick chart, line chart, bar chart, and candle stick chart to name a few. These advanced charting options provide excellent graphical representation of data. It is an ideal point of reference for making intelligent trading decisions.
  • API for third party integration – The API integration facility helps this Leverate trading platform to interact with third party applications. For instance, you can integrate a webservices API of a bank to the Sirix system and conduct banking transactions. This is only one instance of the multitude of options you have.
  • Rate streaming – This functionality helps you provide traders with real time rate streaming information.
  • Language support – the application is customizable in more than twelve languages.

Sirix mobile

The mobile version of this Leverate Trading Platform provides the following facilities:

  • Trading on the move.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Single sign on or unified login.
  • Common accounts across MT4, Sirix mobile and Sirix web.
  • Sirix social – helps you view trading activities of other traders.