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MarketsPulse Trading Platform

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MarketsPulse trading platform is a comprehensive Binary Option Trading system offering a plethora of features and benefits. It is currently being used by many established binary options trading institutional clients all across the world.

Three core components constitute the MarketsPulse trading platform – trading website, core, and back office.

MarketsPulse trading platform – trading web site

MarketsPulse trading platform is known for creating custom-made websites. After eliciting customer requirements, the system is delivered with the required customizations. The trade platform offers technology and associated tools for customers to create their own customizations. This includes creating unique design elements and features in the system, thus helping to stay ahead of competitors.


This component is the heart of the MarketsPulse Trading Platform. Using this component, customers can create derivatives and schedule them, manage risk, setup live feeds for trader consumption, and retain trading data for historical reporting.

Back Office

This is a suite of features designed to manage site-operations. It helps manage assets, options, and their schedules. Institutional investors can configure access and privilege rights on the MarketPulse Trading Platform. Traders and administrators are allowed to view all or selected levels/portions of trading activity. There is a built-in customer relationship management capability that allows for effective management of customer relations.

Why choose the MarketsPulse Trading Platform

  • The MarketsPulse Trading Platform is probably the only or amongst a handful of trading platform software makers to provide highly customized solutions. The company takes this mandate several steps forward thus making it a highly innovative trading platform solutions provider.
  • Customers can decide on the look and feel they want. All these customer specifications are collated, combined, developed and integrated into the system. MarketsPulse also suggests improvements to customer specifications. Hundreds of customers have had a rewarding experience with MarketsPulse’s pro-active role in understanding business needs.
  • The MarketsPulse Trading Platform needs no further upgradation, customization or maintenance at the client site. It is ready to be integrated as soon as it is out of the box. Additionally, the platform provides a powerful API that provides supreme integration capabilities with third-party systems and software products.
  • The robust architecture of the API makes the MarketsPulse trading platform a perfect candidate to integrate with highly-secure banking applications. Online transaction security is the foremost concern of most traders. Most traders spurn online trading platforms at the slightest hint of a security lapse. And thus it becomes imperative for institutional options brokers to adopt a champion trading system such as the MarketsPulse Trading Platform.

What makes MarketsPulse Trading Platform different from the rest?

Unlike other trading platforms, this platform is developed based on deep domain and customer insights. The team behind this product has extensive experience in the technical and business side of trading and finance.

Often, this is a missing link between a good trading platform and a great trading platform. Rising to the expectations, the MarketsPulse Trading Platform chooses to be a great trading platform and rightfully so.