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OptionFair (Tech) Trading Platform

OptionFair (Tech) Trading Platform, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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OptionFair (Tech) trading platform is one of the world’s foremost trading platforms. The (tech) refers to the fact that OptionFair uses TechFinancials trading platform as its Binary Option Brokers system.

Having a worldwide presence, OptionFair offers an unparalleled variety of offerings. Stocks, currencies, indices, and shares are the main trading options.

OptionFair (Tech) trading platform – features

The list of features and their advantages are expansive. It is not possible to explain each of them in detail. The following are only a snapshot of OptionFair (Tech) trading platform’s feature-list.

  • OptionFair offers on average the highest bonus offerings that start at 30%. You can start trading by making an initial deposit of only $200. Cheque, PayPal, Moneybookers, and netbanking are some of the payments methods.
  • To start trading, you have a low investment threshold. You can start off with an initial position-deposit of only $10. This low-entry threshold allows a vast majority of people to trade in binary options on a trial basis.
  • Maximum returns on investments are around 85%. There is a flat 15% payout if the option expires out of the money.
  • The highly navigable user interface is ideal for novice and experienced traders alike.
  • One of the distinguishing features of this platform is the non-requirement to pay commissions or fees. This reduces the burden on traders to a great extent.

OptionFair features

OptionFair (Tech) Trading Platform offers a set of advantageous binary options designed to increase profitability with minimum risks.

OneTouch – this binary options trade is based on a simple concept. You predict if an asset’s underlying value will hit or miss a target price. The target price is pre-determined. It is displayed to you when you choose the option.

By a simple click, you start the trade. The options has an expiry time. If your prediction is right, you win in the money. If it is not, you are entitled to a payout percentage of about 10% to 15%.

Boundary – this options contract specifies a pre-determined set of price ranges that create a price-boundary. You have to predict if the underlying asset’s price will expire within this boundary or outside of it. Boundary Binary Option Trading is activated using the In and Out invoking. You invoke In if you think that the asset’s price will expire within the boundary, and Out otherwise.

Why binary options trading on OptionFair is a profitable venture?

The OptionFair (Tech) Trading Platform offers all educational resources for novice and experienced traders to be on top of their trading skills. Additionally, the options are designed in a way so as to make trading fun, simple, and easy to master.

As a regular binary options trader on OptionFair (Tech) trading platform, you will instinctively know the price direction of an asset. With years of experience, you understand the behavior of prices and know how to predict them accurately.