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ParagonEX Trading Platform

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ParagonEX is a company that specializes in making binary options trading systems. The ParagonEX trading platform is its popular product that is being used by many customers. This trading platform is not only used for Binary Option Trading. It is used for trading in stock index options as well.

Presentation and layout of the ParagonEX Trading Platform user interface

  • Visually, the ParagonEX Trading Platform is a pleasant surprise. Trading is a sedentary activity sometimes. It could become monotonous. Although binary options trading is exciting, boredom could set in. A great user interface can defeat such sentiments. When the user interface is exciting, easy, and simple, traders use a trading system longer on average.
  • The ParagonEX Trading Platform provides multiple color schemes. But the navigation, menu structure, and site architecture are consistent. The color schemes improve the usability experience.
  • Window components constitute checkboxes, dropdowns and fields. Multi-selection option is available. Although the site architecture does not aim to be radically different, it is tidy enough to be distinguished.
  • Another remarkable quality of the user interface is the de-cluttered layout structure. A lot of thought has gone in designing the layout. There is equal space between window components. This makes the UI incredibly attractive and easy on the eyes. The ‘white space’ creates a sense of de-clutter and tidiness.
  • The ParagonEX Trading Platform systems are generally considered to be easy to use. It provides an API that allows integration of third party applications.

ParagonEX Trading Platform components

Four components comprise this trading system. They are namely, web front end, content management system, robust trading engine, and back office.

Web front end

  • Allows institutional clients to customize and brand their website.
  • Deployment of the website within a week and requires minimal to no maintenance.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Leading modes of payment are built-in to the system. Additionally, built-in bundled news, financial calendar, and chat applications are available. Online help and news feeds features come along with the system.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) support. Enables online marketing of the website.
  • Intuitive and scientifically designed user interface. This includes proprietary Multi Skins to match the type of user.
  • Fully functional charting system.

CMS (Content Management System)

  • Fully functional CMS with multilingual support.
  • Optimized for online marketing campaigns.
  • WYSIWUG editor that allows for easy maintenance of content.
  • Ability to create roles and control functionality-access.

Robust Trading Engine

  • Enables secure trading with 128 bit SSL encryption technology.
  • Highly available. Supports cluster methodologies to provide zero downtime.
  • Integrated data warehousing capabilities to provide real-value reports.
  • The ability to integrate with feeds from banks and provide real-time information.

Back Office

The back office suite of the ParagonEX Trading Platform has report-generation tools that provide a snapshot of historical activity. This combined with the data warehousing capability enables dynamic configuration of report generation to suit specific business needs. The Back Office suite is designed to provide visibility on all aspects of system activities and operations.