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TechFinancials Trading Platform

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Many binary options trading platforms use the TechFinancials trading platform technology. Popular online options brokers such as 24Option, OptionFair use this platform as their trading platform. TechFinancials is a vendor for such Binary Option Trading platforms. The company provides multiple online options brokers a robust system, designed to create a winning edge in the ultra-competitive binary options market.

TechFinancials Trading Platform – visual appearance

  • In terms of appearance, TechFinancials offers a professional, streamlined and organized user interface. Sleek, highly usable and interactive, the TechFinancials trading platform helps traders concentrate for longer periods of time.
  • There is nothing flashy or abrupt about the user interface. Everything about the user interface is fluid. One thing logically flows to the other. The layout scheme is consistent and easy on the eyes. There is a logical arrangement of everything in the most simplistic of presentation. For instance, assets and their expiries are listed one by one in a listed fashion. This allows for easy scanning and picking of available assets.
  • Another interesting thing about the TechFinancials trading platform is the use of icons, instead of labels. For instance, the labels on buttons are images or pictures. This allows the user interface to undergo less localization and makes it ideal to be used by people across geographies.

Platform Usability

  • Traders of Binary Option Brokers who use TechFinancials vouch for their respective trading platforms being highly navigable and usable. This magic is created by the TechFinancials trading platform. The options platform is designed in a way so as to allow access to any part of the website within few clicks.
  • This flat architecture combined with a straightforward design literally spoon feeds a trader. And that is why many trading platforms with strong focus on novice traders pick the TechFinancials trading platform.

API technology

  • TechFinancials Trading Platform provides API capability for third party application integration. This allows online options brokers to hook their system to popular third party systems. For instance, a bank’s online transaction processing API can be interfaced. This allows traders to transact to and from their bank accounts from the online options trading platform.
  • Another example would be to integrate an API that provides live stock statistics from a popular financial markets content provider. This is unlike RSS feeds, in that; a dedicated portlet plugin provides this data by interfacing with an external API.

Qualities of an ideal binary options trading system

The following are a compilation of some of the requisites of a quality binary options trading system.

  • Security – If there is a software glitch in the API, hackers could break in and steal account information. This is only a marginal instance to understand the level of security that a trading system should possess. The TechFinancials trading platform is understood to score high in this regard.
  • Web-based – A web-based system helps traders trade from any part of the world. If the trading system is mobile based, the decentralization of trading activity furthers.